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    Flood Management

    The Regional Flood Warning Software Program provides each participating entity with enterprise-level hydrologic and flood warning software to help support critical missions.  The program will leverage existing gauging networks in the region to provide a centralized view to alarm, visualize, and disseminate information of the real-time conditions impacting each participating agency.

    The cooperative approach in procuring a regional solution has resulted in reduced pricing, saving participating entities nearly 40% on initial start-up fees and annual licensing costs.

    The Regional Flood Warning Software Program provides access to an enterprise-level hydrologic software called Contrail to help them understand approaching storms, monitor the impacts on their agency, and provide their constituents with information through their own branded website.

    The program will collect gauge data from all surrounding gauging networks, including the cities of Fort Worth, Dallas, and Grand Prairie, as well as Tarrant Regional Water District, USGS, and METAR gauges. If available, participating entities can bring in their own gauge data to the system. A participating entity will get their own branded website within the software, where they can choose to share the data and information with the public. Within the software, the agency can visualize the data through advanced mapping, dashboards, and graphs. Specific thresholds can be set to be alarmed through SMS or email. StormData™ Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall will provide rainfall estimation over the entire region, including over a participating entity’s area, which can be used if no rain gauges are present. All data are stored for future analysis and post-event reports.

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