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    Dispatch Mapping Services

    With more than 475 years of collective experience in public safety and as First Responders, RapidDeploy understands what Agencies, Telecommunicators and First Responders face every day. They know from firsthand experience how data benefits 9-1-1.  They understand the frustration that Telecommunicators and First Responders experience with the constant pressures of dated legacy systems. The transformation from voice-centric to data-centric 9-1-1 centers unlocks the potential for Telecommunicators and First Responders to be their best with every call.  The following is a sample of available products.

    Eclipse Analytics – an easy-to-use cloud-based analytics solution that provides the reports that are most important to your PSAP to drive operational efficiency and state required reporting, on-demand. When deployed at a state level, it provides a single source of truth that can be scaled quickly.  With Eclipse you will be able to:

    • Tap into on-demand insights
    • Leverage multi-dimensional data analysis
    • Plan for better outcomes
    • Present your data in compelling ways

    RadiusPlus Mapping – an innovative and dynamic tactical mapping solution that integrates seamlessly with your 9-1-1 Agency’s current call handling and GIS technology. RadiusPlus is powered by Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud, helping public safety agencies effortlessly obtain frequent software updates and providing them with always up-to-date location data and life-saving supplemental information in an integrated, single map view. With RadiusPlus you will be able to:

    • Locate callers anywhere
    • Easily connect with 9-1-1 callers
    • Achieve new levels of situational awareness
    • Leverage your GIS investment
    • Unlock your emergency response’s potential

    Nimbus CAD – Cloud-Aided Dispatch which enables smart and data-driven responses across all disciplines – Law, Fire, and EMS – to reduce emergency response times. With all the features of a Tier 1 CAD system, Nimbus CAD provides a comprehensive, highly configurable, web-based dispatch that is integrated with sophisticated location mapping and real-time data to ensure a rapid and informed response, at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Nimbus empowers every 9-1-1 Communications Center with:

    • Improved location accuracy and situational awareness
    • Configurable response plans
    • Data-driven response recommendations
    • Multi-discipline response handling capabilities
    • Flexible response
    Contract Administrator: 
    Charlie Oberrender, CPPB

    Purchasing Agent
    Office: (817) 695-9289
    Cell: (281) 610-8914 


    Term End Date: 5/28/2024

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