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    Electronic Console Cleaning Services


    Electronic console cleaning services are used to clean and maintain specialized furniture and other equipment used in:

    • Emergency Communications Centers/ 9-1-1 Dispatch Centers 
    • IT Centers
    • Airport Control Towers
    • Jail and Correctional Facilites Secure Areas
    • Other Facilities with Electronic Consoles

    Services such as the following are performed while the center stays live.
    • Vacuum console CPU Cabinetry inside and out.
    • Vacuum reachable fabric panels – front, rear, and sides.
    • Vacuum under console cavity shelves.
    • Vacuum under consoles for disregarded food and particles that can cause allergens and pests.
    • Clean all counters attached to the console.
    • Clean and disinfect all high touch areas attached to the console.
    • Clean and disinfect all peripherals including keyboards, mice, phone, monitors and input surfaces on the console.
    • Attempt to remove stains from console fabric panels.
    • Check and/or replace post caps on console.
    • Check alignment and fit of work surfaces to side surfaces on consoles.
    • Re-level and orient primary console surfaces.
    • Check all consoles for level, return consoles to level.
    • Align individual console positions to room if necessary.
    • Align and check doors under consoles and rear access doors.
    • Check and/or replace console door stops on foundation.Clean, disinfect, and vacuum work surfaces, cabinetry, furniture, consoles and peripherals
    • Visually and physically check and inspect all electrical (CPU, Radio, USB, Ethernet and Monitor) equipment for frayed wires and other defects and/or adjustments needed on the console.
    • Inform of any wiring concerns.
    • Offer wiring services at an additional charge with separate estimate.
    • Check all filters in the console air controls units and inform of any issues.
    • Inspect and repair console air control duct arms.
    • Inspect console fans and control units.
    • Check and/or re-hang console panels to posts.
    • Tighten screws or bolts on mechanical parts or wire management of console.
    • Inspect all console lights and inform of any concerns.
    • Re-fasten console leg and comfort control wires.
    • Replace broken wire management pieces and tie down wiring related to the mechanical lift portion of the console only.
    • Utilize green cleaning solution engineered water for cleaning rather than harmful chemicals.
    • Use professional, contactor-grade, certified HEPA filtered (99.97% at 0.3 microns) vacuum with low-noise level and fully automatic filter cleaning system.
    • Complete services while center stays live – operators will not need to be relocated outside the operating floor.
    • Employees conducting the services understand the sensitivity to operational activities and work accordingly with the ability to adjust to the needs of the center.
    • All employees conducting the services are direct employees and not subcontracted.
    • All employees conducting the services are CJIS Certified and can show documentation, if requested.
    • All employees conducting the services have background checks and can show documentation upon request.
    • Provide a detailed project inspection report upon completion that is given to the sites following services.
    Contract Administrator: 
    Charlie Oberrender, CPPB

    Purchasing Agent
    Office: (817) 695-9289
    Cell: (281) 610-8914 


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