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    Dispatch Mapping Services

    GeoComm combines high quality locally authoritative maps with verified, curated additional supportive map data and live location content into a single consolidated service that can feed into any public safety mapping application to ensure the right data is provided to emergency 9-1-1 call centers and emergency responder applications at the right time.

    GeoComm’s mapping applications consolidate Public Safety Location Intelligence™ from local GIS and trusted third-party data sources including 9-1-1, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), empowering users to receive the right location data on their map at the right time.

    GeoComm offers two public safety mapping applications, GeoLynx Server and GeoComm Dispatch Map.  Behind these applications stands a superior 24 x 7 Technical Services team, plus a robust and agile software development group to ensure the effectiveness and viability of your public safety GIS when you need it the most.

    Contract Administrator: 
    Charlie Oberrender, CPPB

    Purchasing Agent
    Office: (817) 695-9289
    Cell: (281) 610-8914 

    Term End Date: 5/31/2026

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    Heather Hoskins



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